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게시판 리스트
연구실명 담당교수 연구내용
시공간데이터분석 연구실
Spatio-temporal Data Analysis Lab
조재희 - Human Location & Mobility Research
- Social Network Analysis, Venue Network Analysis
- Network Layer of Things
- Multidimensional Data Model (Data Warehouse, OLAP)
- Data Visualization
- Business Data Analytics, SNS Data Analytics
데이터 네트워크 인공지능 연구실
I-DNA (Intelligent Data Network AI) Lab.
박재성 - AI-driven Networked Systems and Services
- Internet of Things
- Multi Agent Systems
- Computational Intelligence
빅데이터 컴퓨팅 연구실
Big Data Computing Lab. (BigCom)
임동혁 - Database and Knowledge Engineering
- Intelligent Data Processing & Analysis
- Distributed and Parallel Data Processing
- Data Privacy
지능형 접근성 경험 연구실
Intelligent Accessibility Experience Lab (IAE Lab)
김현경 - Intelligent Accessibility Research
- Intelligent User Experience
- Human-AI Interaction
인공지능 서비스 연구실
AI as a Service (AIaaS)
이상민 - 기계학습
- 인공지능
인간중심컴퓨팅 연구실
Human-Centered Computing Lab.
박규동 - Human-Computer Interaction
- AI for UX Design
- VR/AR for Learning and Rehabilitation
- Automotive Ergonomics
- Digital Equity and Accessible Computing
비쥬얼 인포매틱스 연구실
Visual Informatics Lab.
김동준 - Computer Graphics and Visualization
- 3D Image Processing
- Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
프로세스 기반 데이터 분석 연구실
(Process-Aware Data Analytics Lab.)
조민수 - Process Mining
- Data Analytics
- Business Process Management
- Process Redesign and Simulation